Our Farm

At the Fraser Valley farm, Wagyu cattle are raised using superior Wagyu genetics – it takes years and years of combining the best genetics to produce the best beef in the world.

Hiro Wagyu keeps it simple and continues the tradition of the Hiro Wagyu by focusing on genetics, animal care, and 100% Wagyu certification through the Australian Wagyu Association. The Hiro Wagyu farm is a family-owned operation where the health and well-being of our cattle are a top priority. Fresh water and feed, a tranquil environment, and several daily visits from the farmer ensure the comfort and needs of the cattle are met. The exceptional quality and exquisitely marbled beef is achieved through a pure bloodline. Not only is Hiro Wagyu delicious, but there are additional health benefits when compared to conventional beef. Hiro Wagyu comes packed with a higher concentration of monounsaturated fats (the good fats), including omega 3s.

Our Promise

Uncompromising Breed. Our Hiro Wagyu cattle are raised in pristine conditions on our farm in beautiful BC. We never compromise the quality of life for our herd and never use added hormones or steroids. We’re proud to bring you the refined and desired taste of one of Japan’s national treasures. Enjoy.

Finalist: Product of the Year, 2021

Nominated by BC Food Processors Association